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#17:Sir Anthony Hopkins!

27 Feb

anthony_hopkinsnte.jpg‘Sir’ Tone.

What a treat we have for you today: a knight of the realm shows us, literally, “what’s cooking”!

Sir Anthony was born and raised in a small town in the west of England called Wales. Sir Anthony, or “Tone”, spent his youth ferrying pies and leeks down the coal mines and reciting King Lear. The miners became very fond of this bulb-headed young lad and to a man, gave their savings to send him to a real ‘school’ in Civilisation [London]. Strange to think that was almost one hundred years ago! Nowadays Tony’s radish-shaped head is known all over the world for playing “Anthony Hopkins” in a variety of different films. A cheeky character, Mr H tells me that he quite often ‘jokes’ with his directors by using the same accent and mannerisms in every film despite what they tell him to do! The japes!

Today, Sir Tony shares an ancient ‘welsh’ recipe handed down by his grandmother, a famous druid witchdoctor from Wales village. With a chuckle T.H. admits that over the years he has added some of his own inimitable panache and vim.

pannacotta_and_cobbler_017.jpgHopkins’ Choice.

You will need: a large pot, 5-17 leeks, some fava beans, min.2 bottles of nice chianti, a lamb (silenced), a stick, and lastly, someones liver (“Preferably not your own!” says Sir H.!)


1.Place the large pot onto an ‘burner’ or hob an turn the pointer in the ‘hottest’ direction till it stops moving.

2.Oops, forgot to mention, you should have filled the pot with water, and some offal from the lamb.(remember to silence the lamb by murdering it earlier!)

3.While the above is nicely simmering, finely chop the leeks, and halve the fava beans.

4. Hope you didn’t forget the stick! You’ll need it now, to “tenderise” the liver.

5.You should have poured at least one of the bottles of chianti into the pot at the beginning! You idiot!

6.After a while, the mixture (or “sauce”) in the pot should go ‘on fire’. Now is the time to add everything you’ve got left.

7.Leave to simmer for 2-3 days.

8.Serve, and enjoy! (serves 1-6 people)

As I left craggy Sir Tone in his replica ‘welsh’ mining village in the Hollywood Hills, it was with a tear in my eye I’m not ashamed to say! This man has done more for acting the same role in different films than almost any other actor alive. Ever! (ever alive). And here he has selflessly shared…with me ( and you) , and through me…with you (us) … a sacred recipe, a recipe… from THE STARS!!!!

Next week… a rare glance into the life (and food!!) of a man that writes stuff on toilet walls in felt tip. Yes, our very own “Banksy” gives us a peek into his scabby rucksack! (that he takes with him, when he goes to do the writing)