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#64:Eddie Izzard

23 Feb

dame-judi-dench.jpg Edward Izzard.

Its hard to believe that Eddie Izzard has been entertaining us with his whimsical flights of fancy for nearly 60 years! Best known for his standing-up style comedy, Eddie is also a professional actor and woman.

Today Eddie reveals the answer to a question that celebrity-watchers have been asking for hundreds of time-units… just what do the ‘Stars’ serve as a dessert? I’m sure we’ve all imagined our favourite ‘celebs’ tucking into a delicious hand cooked ‘meal’. But our imaginations always seem to let us down as the main course plates are cleared and the ‘pudding’ is brought out. What sumptuous delights, what decadent sweetmeats do their servants bring? Well, not only is Mr Izzard about to ease back the curtain on this mystery, he will also share the valuable knowledge of how to make it yourself!

Eddie says that this recipe was handed down to him by his grandfather (remarkably, also a woman) but he bashfully admits to adding more than a little of his own unmistakable ‘whimsy’ and panache!

milkyway2.jpg “Milky-way surprise!”

You will need: a bar of milky-way chocolate bar. A pan. A bowl.

1: Carefully break the milky-way bar in half  (see photo for details of how this should look)

2: Turn the gas on with the pan on top. (actually, you should have done this earlier to save time)

3: Ever-so-softly place the two milky-way bar ‘halves’ into the cold pan. (See? Should have turned the gas on earlier! See 2 above)

4: This is the easy part… just leave it!

5: After a while, check that it hasn’t gone ‘on fire’.

6: Pour the results into a bowl and serve!


Your friends will be delighted and amazed when you add this to your ‘recipe-toire’ at your own ‘dinner-parties’… just like The Stars have!! Simple and elegant, I’m sure you’ll agree that it “Izzntard” to do!!!

Next week, professional sadist Mel Gibson shows us what he can do with an oven, an animal and a messiah complex!